Minimal Chrome Theme

Simple minimalistic white theme for Google Chrome.

Why a Chrome theme?

My Google Chrome sync settings blew up and broke everything.

After getting everything back to working order I noticed that I'd lost the Chrome theme that I was using. I took it into my own hands to create a Chrome theme, something simple and minimal.

What did people think?

Now with over 70,000+ weekly users something I created for myself is one of the most popular Minimal themes in the Chrome theme store.

"Perfect, minimal theme. Exactly what I want."

- Benjamin Amundgaard

"There is a perfection."

- Tatsuya Hama

"Nice. Minimal. White. Can't go wrong if you just want some simplicity in your browsing experience."

- Zachary Glantz

Find Minimal White

See this chrome theme here: Minimal White Theme

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