Ottostugan Website

Peaceful, Tranquil & Beautiful. Ottostugan.

What is Ottostugan?

Ottostugan is a Swedish ski resort renting apartments out to holiday makers looking for the perfect spot to ski.

Home Page

A simple home page that shows off the scenic views that Ottostugan can provide. An easy call to action in the header for users to start looking for an apartment. Featured sections for information about what Ottostugan can offer and featured apartments.

Simple Calendar

This calendar will appear when booking and selecting a date for an apartment. It shows unavailable and available dates for when an apartment can be booked. The blue dates are the currently selected ones that the user is interested in. The dates only run from Thursday to Sunday and from Sunday to Thursday as that is when the apartments can be booked.


The design was kept simple and elegant for holidaymaker's to get through the site as quickly and as easily as possible so that customers are stress free from beginning to end.

Let's work together:

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