Spurr - Front-end & Wordpress Development

What is Spurr?

Spurr is a strategy consulting company, helping businesses achieve growth by combining industry-leading insight with a personalised service experience.

The Brief

The agency Better handed over the designs and brief of the project to me to start on the development of this site. They needed the site to fit into their already existing WordPress boilerplate so it could be picked up by one of their other developers at any time in the future.

Spurr - Front-end & Wordpress Development


The front-end development of this site needed to be simple and very easy to reuse across the site as each page were of a similar design.

I used BEM for classes to ensure that if any future developer came to work on this they would fully understand what each element represented.

Spurr - Front-end & Wordpress Development

Using my own SASS architecture on this build made sure that all parts of the site were split up so that they could be easily found when editing in future.

The site had simple requirements when it came to the WordPress side of development, single pages for information and a blog section. The site also used advance custom fields for the more complex aspects of the site.

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See the live version here: spurrconsult.co.uk

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