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Consentiful - Design & Front-end Development

What is Consentiful?

Consentiful is GDPR compliance for marketers made easy. Making existing opt-in forms GDPR compliant, automatically. Their goal is to help online businesses simplify consent collection without impacting conversion rates, sales, or time spent managing everything.

The Brief

Consentiful approached me to design their marketing page, they wanted something minimal and simple so they could convey their key message which was to make GDRP compliance easier and less scary for businesses.

Consentiful also needed their website to be developed. Their team had enough experience in development so when building the site I needed to make sure that their developers found it very easy to make changes.


Keeping the design minimal was key to this project. I made it my goal to make the content the centre of attention across the site with simple illustrations and minimal use of colours.

When creating illustrations I was mindful that it needed to enhanced and add to the content it was in reference to. This ties the content and design aspects together.

The main call to actions used the Consentiful purple and because this colour was used to a minimum it really climbed above the design around it.


I used my own, built from the ground up static site builder so that it would be very easy for any other developer to get to work on the site in the future.

I always use BEM for classes so when any developers in the future came to work on this they would fully understand what each element represented.

I used a SASS architecture that I created on this build to make sure that all components were split into their own easy digestible code.

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Consentiful - Design & Front-end Developmen

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