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Choose to run, hike, swim, cycle and much, much more for your charity of choice. With 250 of the biggest charity events, 250000+ potential fundraisers per year and 400+ UK charities on their sites, you'll have no problem finding your own way to raise money for charity.

Sports Media Agency Website

My Role in Development

My role for this project was front-end development. The client needed an easy way for a site to be replicated and to then change the branding colours to fit each of their sister companies.

I used Sass variables to carefully set out brand colours across the site and ensure that if any changes were made to any variable, no colours ever clashed.

I took a lot of time on the architecture of these sites to make it as simple as possible. I carefully wrote out markup with appropriate class names, inlining SVGs so they were able to be targeted with different branding colours and writing well documented Sass. This meant that it was easy for anyone to pick up and make changes themselves.

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Sports Media Agency Website

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I love what I do and take great pride in all of my work. I'm always looking for the next challenge to create something incredible, and I'd love that to be with you.

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