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Front-end Development & Design Agency.

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What is Suited Pixel?

Suited Pixel is my very own agency, after the great success of making the move to full-time freelance, my workload became big enough to use other freelancers with amazing skills to take on larger and different projects.

Find Suited Pixel

See the live version with beautiful animations here:

Site Design

We use strong type throughtout the site, using bold and larger type for our values. We keep focusing on the main sections through the site by using the Suited Pixel branding colours in a gradient.

The introduction to the site is straight to the point, giving a client some of the things Suited Pixel can do for their next project.

Suited Pixel Intro

Our Work

We're very proud of the work we've done and show it off in fashion by using subtle parallax on each of the sections to give a sense of depth.

Suited Pixel Work

Let's Work Together

I love what I do and take great pride in all of my work. I'm always looking for the next challenge to create something incredible, and I'd love that to be with you.

Let's talk about your next project and how we can bring it to life:

Want to say “Hi”?

If you're not looking to work with me and want to say “Hi” or see what I'm working on at the moment you can find me on , Dribbble and Github.